Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fox Asleep

 "Fox Asleep" has been in progress since last
November 2013 when I finished "Fox in the Forest" 
I am glad to have finished this new fox acrylic painting.

'Fox Asleep" 14" x 11" acrylic on canvas Robin Maria Pedrero

I am happy to get back to having my full studio time, I've missed it even though I've been working on such a worthy project. I've been a bit time consumed with curating the #twitterartexhibit which closes this weekend. We were featured on FOX 35 News.

After I shared this piece on facebook, someone pointed out the painting to another person who actually has a fox that sleeps nestled in a spot within view of her kitchen window. 

I am continually adding original art, reproductions handbags,& pouches to my website  The Silk Scarves page is looking good, with several selections in place. Thanks for returning to see my progress and new additions on my official website. I recently added a Press Page where you will see items like this ...
So excited we made headlines in Moss!

Look we made the Norway paper!! #twitterartexhibit

  Why yes I do have an e-newsletter that goes out, here's the page to get in on it

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

A Yellow House with Sailboats is Home by The Sea

"Home by The Sea" by Robin Maria Pedrero 

Perhaps you remember my painting The Escape ?
After that original sold I was asked to create something similar
and I titled the next piece "The Second Escape".
That feeling that these inspired places evoke;
of somewhere well loved, perhaps desired, different, new,
a fleeting wanderlust to inhabit places experienced or in our dreams.
Home by the Sea by Robin Maria Pedrero

This piece is inspired by New England. I grew up in Connecticut, and enjoyed many seaside days in Mystic, Cape Cod, Newport, & Block Island just to name a few. I do like to travel. I adore my present home state of Florida and our beaches yet they differ and I miss the New England coastline. My paintings are most often formed from my desires. Perhaps I can't be there by the sea today, however I can go there via paint. So that's exactly what I did. 
What is also really amazing is sharing my work with my fans and collectors and how so many of you wish to take the journey with me. I just adore having you here, thanks for sharing in my joys and visual journey. 
This painting is being shipped to a collector in Texas. There are hand signed reproductions here. I can also make custom reproductions on canvas.
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The #twitterartexhibit is a success!

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I  am so elated to share that our #twitterartexhibit had over 1500 guests at the CityArts Factory in Orlando Florida.The opening night reception was phenomenal!
We raised 5K for our charity The Center for Contemporary Dance. 

photo by Aimee Wheaton

I am so very glad that TAE board member Nat George and TAE Founder David Sandum were able to participate in the event. 

Dario Moore, Robin Pedrero, Nat George, David Sandum
I am honored to have been chosen as curator of the #twitterartexhibit 2014.
We received incredible art & met so many wonderful people!! 

heart touching performance by the students led by Dario Moore
David Sandum receiving a painting by Donna Dowless as a gift from us in Orlando

Many thanks to those who sponsored our event.
Donna Dowless

Downtown Arts District

CityArts Factory

Art Services Inc.

Pink Afterglow
JB Webb

There are so many stories to share of good things that happened & where
people were connected through our event. 

Featured in Orlando Arts Magazine

Thanks to Tod Caviness we made the Front page of the Orlando Seninel

THANK YOU all for your support and donations.

Robin Pedrero 
Curator #twitterartexhibit 2014

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Wine-A-Fare receives "Looking on the Bright Side"

Two of my pastel works of art are in the permanent collection of LEMA. I will have a solo exhibition at LEMA in 2015. When the director Richard Colvin asked if I would consider donating a work of art for Wine-A-Fare my immediate answer was a yes with an exclamation point.

Looking on the Bright Side by Robin Maria Pedrero
 I selected this 24" x 24" original acrylic painting "Looking on the Bright Side" as my donation to LEMA's silent auction and art sale fundraiser. The Lake Eustis Museum of Art (LEMA) will host it's Wine-A-Fare Fundraiser on March 13, 2014.

Here's the poster and the link to read more and get the details on the Wine-A-Fare event.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Cat in the Garden or Hide and Seek?

I began by painting a garden 
and as I painted I envisioned a cat
 peering out from behind the foliage.

The bird was there before the cat appeared,
and is hunkered down hiding.
I could say this cat has had many lives in this painting.
As the look of the cat changed as I painted. 

This is the initial charcoal drawing of the cat on the acrylic painting.
I kinda liked the attitude and playful character,
so I pondered at this stage for quite some time
as to the future look. 

I painted more of the garden.
 Next I developed a more realistic look for the kitty.
I continued to build layers of values,
colors and detail in the cat's face.
I studied the work and decided to make some minor adjustments. 
And repeated this process until today. 

I am so very pleased to share my
"Cat in the Garden" Limited Editions in two sizes

"Cat in the Garden" Limited Edition

The Broadway Musical "Cats" was the very first Broadway Musical
I experienced at the Winter Garden Theater in NYC. Still one of my favorites.

"The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn't just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES." TS ELLIOT

So my dear friends what 3 names would this Cat in the Garden have?

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Monday, March 03, 2014

Ellen's record breaking Oscar tweet and Dresses

Ellen's record breaking Oscar tweet...

I just had to take part in the fun and do a retweet for the record.

 Celebrities in this image Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Ellen DeGeneres, Julia Roberts,Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Lupita, and Kevin Spacey made the new record for the most tweeted tweet record on twitter. Read more..

One  favorite part of award shows are the fashions, especially the dresses.
I like to create paintings of dresses, and while watching the Oscars I was pretty inspired.
So much so that I wanted to sketch. So I did.

Amongst many magical moments of the Oscars was the performance
by my girl PINK! Here's a link if you missed her singing in her red dress,
"Somewhere over the Rainbow".

 "Bullying Awareness Inspired.." the first Dresses Objects of Desire
exhibit when I created "Zolushka"

You see... I once had Fashion Designer Dreams

Dress Seventeen

Sooooooo perhaps a new dress on canvas is in my future.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Royal Plumes are peacocks in a garden

"Royal Plumes" is the title that several of us on my fb page
came up with together,
for these peacocks I painted.
 Specifically a white and blue peacock 

"Royal Plumes" by Robin Maria Pedrero


Again and again my inspiration begins in my roots of childhood experiences.
Our local park we went to as children in Connecticut had peacocks.
The shrill peacock cries would echo across the water, and through the woods.
Nearby was the Memorial Rose Garden.

 Years Go By

I've photographed many peacocks, in America, Sweden, and tropical places,
knowing one day that I'd be creating art using the reference images. I made a few small paintings with 
whimsical styled peacocks. I've envisioned several paintings of peacocks. Now in nearby  Winter Park Florida peacocks roam neighborhoods and their city emblem is a peacock.


I buy a square canvas, gesso it, charcoal in hand and BAM!

I ask myself.. Why didn't I do this sooner.
 Another self lesson in just going for it and creating as I wish.

I am very pleased with the original.
What do you think?



  reproductions on archival museum paper

There are special discounted prices on these Limited Editions
for my email/newseletter subscribers ..Here's the form

Is there something you've procrastinated on,
an idea you've put aside, 
you know something in that category that somewhere down the road
you might be inclined to say I shoulda.. well...if it's good

Just Do It. 


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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Story of Bluebird Hugs in Tennessee

 "Bluebird Hugs"

Here's a quick iphone snapped pic of the "Bluebird Hugs" commissioned  painting

I shared this piece in social media and everyone is asking about it
so I wanted to share a quick post .
This painting is the dream vision of Diana whose hearts desire
is to share the love, and support Camp Bluebird in Tennessee.
Diana has not had cancer herself yet donates her time to Camp Bluebird.
What is Camp Bluebird?
Camp Bluebird is the first camp in the Middle Tennessee area designed for adult cancer patients.  This 3-day, 2-night retreat offers a unique experience, providing campers with education, support and encouragement in living life after a cancer diagnosis
 Diana found my work via facebook and was inspired to contact me
about her vision when she saw this painting I did for a groom to his bride.

"Garden of Love" by Robin Maria Pedrero
Reproductions are available for "Garden of Love"

We discussed the above painting as a starting point for the commission,
adding the words Hope, Faith and Hugs, along with cancer ribbons.

So I began painting

As I painted I shared some images with Diana and
we discussed the continued vision for the piece. 
We both agreed that the white bird although spurred on
from the inspiration painting needed to change and be a bluebird. 

Diana shared about the camp and why white balloons are released. 
"on the last day of camp, we release white balloons in honor of those still fighting cancer and in memory of those we've lost -"

The final elements of the piece are the cancer ribbons throughout the garden. 
There are plans for this painting being used in special ways
and I look forward to sharing that information with you at a later date.

Did you know I have an e-newsletter? It easy to subscribe Here

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Moody Woods; a small piece with a lot of drama

 The sunlight coming through the trees is probably one of my most favorite things.
I like the silhouetted forms. I like the shadows. I adore the glimmering changes
of intense and pastel colors in the light and shadows.

I searched to find a poem or quote to post and found this beauty here 

"Moody woods

surround me

and I take flight

with gossamer wings;

flit among golden leaves,

lighting on broken branches." 

poem by Marty Goes to Mars

I am very happy to have a new bike to ride
and experience various views of inspiration like this sunlight coming through the trees.

Even though I am almost 50 I tend to reflect on and take part in childhood joys,
 like riding my bike, and watching the lights and shadows come through 
trees. Even closing my eyes while a passenger in a car
and watching the colors flash through my eyelids,
(do you know if there's an official term for that?)
is entertainment and inspirational. 
Ok I'm a big kid. 
What little joys can you recall from your childhood
that continue to bring you joy as an adult?

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Monday, February 03, 2014

When the rain won't go away , use it for a new love series

 It does not happen often that we have days of solid gray skies here in Florida,
but lately the sun has rarely peeked out,
and it's been wet for more than a few hours, for several days.

I am kinda giddy about this painting. It was fun to create. I needed something different from my usual subject matter to work on this week for a change. While traveling in Chicago I had just left the Chicago Art Institute, and walked through a garden to encounter an engagement photo shoot where an umbrella was a perfect prop. There was classic and cuteness all in one snap. This week inspired by that memory and the constant rain I painted these sweethearts under a red umbrella. I posted the piece on facebook and the original sold quite quickly.

 I created limited editions of my painting. Usually you would find this listed on Etsy however I am making some changes in my art business this year. I am presently developing my own name domain website, where I have posted the  "Sweethearts" Limited Editions as the first image for sale there.

charcoal on canvas

I began another in this series this time pulling from my love of watching the rain at the beach.
 I began by sketching this image on a 10" x 8" canvas.
Then proceeded to apply acrylic paint in many layers. 
Building the paint to create the rainy beach with the couple cuddled under the black umbrella.

Many love stories spurred in my mind for this new series called "Is this love"

My thoughts turned to one of my favorite shows "How I Met Your Mother"  where there is a yellow umbrella in their love story and I produced this next painting, "Kissing under the Yellow Umbrella". When my daughter's friend visited my studio the instant association proved for a heart touching series of  "Ohs" and "Ahs which made us all smile and laugh. I kept this piece with an illustrative style for a fun look.

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