Saturday, September 30, 2006

State of the Arts

I am delighted with Gene Edward Veith's book State of the Arts from Bezalel to Mapplethorpe. "..ordinary people are left with ugliness, and artistic circles are left with esoteric experiments." He affirms creations of luminous landscapes.

I was one of the featured artists just last night at the Alice Jenkins Gallery at Crealde in Winter Park Florida for United Arts tribute to artists who have been awarded grants. In direct response the my recent reading; The esoteric "quasi-bohemian" which is our own select few or meant for only those who have special interest, we as artists, art affiliates, and art lovers are in our own private sect.

Margo Knight, President of United Arts stated how brave we as the artists are, to do what we do. Makes you feel good then you drift into full armor, either lone or with your tribe. Are the sacrifices worth it? Yes! An astounding yes by far. But truly why do I have on armour. What am I protecting? What's the secret? or perhaps secrets?

Nancy Jay the curator spoke brilliantly as she herself as an artist stated how all of the pristine art exhibited, which by the way this exhibition was one of the best curated and well hung exhibitions I have had the privilege to attend and better yet be part of, as I was saying, she said the art was once just smeared my case dust. She went on that creating art is messy, smelly, and lethal. I think now yes I inhale. I inhale toxic dust. I wear gloves now as not to pull those toxins in through my skin any longer. That took self training! Okay I am once again the warrior armed in colors.

Before the film starts in thanking Margo, my beaded purse string catches as we part and the bouncing beads ping pong in the midst of feet, many kind people scurry to save others from a slipping injury and hand them to me filling the little black bag which accompanied my usual black uniform for these events.

I really want a piece of Aurora Rincon's sculpture for my home. I feel a connection with her, perhaps it is our Venezuelan heritage (my great grandfather on my grandmother's side was from Caracas) or perhaps her connection to women as strength and her expression of childlike freedom. I told her someday I will have one.

Enjoying our camaraderie, glancing fleetingly at the art as there is no real silent space in time for that sacred moment to endure between viewer and creation. I talk to the art lovers who are so excited to be in the midst. I savor their excitement and reaction to some of the sculptures by Marsha DeBroske ( Oatie Pagotee! ) and my lovely friend Aurora. I am pleased with the repeated compliments on the my pastel "Ripples in the Pond" piece. Jamieson from the Orlando Museum of Art asked me to do a TV piece for the Festival of Trees, she will receive the painting she is purchasing from me when I drop off for that event too. Trish Thompson of Lake Mary Heathrow Fest asked me to do an interview in Nov for Channel 13. She is one of my supporters, it was so great to see her there. I have a fan club, one woman calls herself my biggest fan and groupie, she is so precious to me, Linda Moscato. I appreciate Linda Moore, Linh Nygen, to name a few who I invited to attend this fabulous event.

I love dear Carrie Curtis. She is such a funky sweet little deer in her snake skin shoes. I saw her at her Dad's house and I so want to buy that painting she showed me that day which is now up on the gallery wall. I am wearing her red coral and oriental bracelet she created along with my dragons, she is so excited.

I enjoy it, spurts of movement and loneliness. I walk and look alone. Watching. That is what we do, we watch. We watch, in put the data and spit it out in art. Sometimes a beautiful birth sometimes vomit.

As I continue to respond to my reading of Veith;I shall leave no ordinary or extraodinary people with ugliness.

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