Friday, March 09, 2007


A Dad decided to honor his girls by having me create a portrait of them when they were younger. He decided to just casually bring them into the Gallery to surprise them while it was in the first stage of creation. I saw them enter the gallery door and when they came into my studio I was at the easel working on their portrait. I introduced myself, as I usually do with guests telling them that most of the work in my studio is created with soft pastel. I asked them to come see what I was working on. When one of the twins came over she said " Oh my gosh that looks like us!" She called to her sister who came over and said "Hey that is us!" "Do you know our Dad they asked? Then I showed them the reference photo from when they were little. That was a great visit!

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gel said...

(I definitely want to meet you and see your work in person the next time I come to FL!)

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