Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Whistler in Venice

My response to reading the Pastel Journal
Whistler in Venice
By Duane Wakeham

In my artist statement I state"I desire to capture the wind in the trees, the atmospheric reflections of dawn and dusk, and places of serenity." My interest was definitely caught in the following line from this Pastel Journal Dec 2007 article, "Perhaps because The Storm—Sunset is about an atmospheric effect, rather than about architecture, drawing is minimal. The Storm, Sunset is one of only a few studies in which Whistler turned his attention to recording atmospheric effects and time of year."

I am so excited to be going to Venice in March. Perhaps I can find this place on the Riva.
"The work is believed to have been created at a window of the rooming house on the Riva degli Schiavoni..." Wakeham further states " The fourteen months that Whistler spent in Venice comprised his only visit to that city, but the work he did there would greatly influenced the way the pastelists and etchers who followed would see and depict the city. In describing his Venetian pastels, the Pennells wrote: "The beauty is altogether in the suggestion of color, the arrangement of lines that he hints at. It is all suggestion."

I recall a museum visit where I stood before one of these Whistler pastels, which was a drawing, sparse amounts of pastel with no blending. I am trying to remember just where I was. It was NY, Chicago or Atlanta during a WCA National conference. Actually I will look it up in my photo files at a later date. I am thinking it was a museum that began with a T in Chicago. Perhaps Terra before it closed. Anyhow I was not overly wowed by the work at first. Then I got it.
I had created some pieces, although I blend, which remind me of Whistlers artistic language evoking atmosphere and sparse drawing of landscape elements.

(Not shown here the work floats on a light mat exposing the deckle edge)
Just this week one of my collectors purchased a second piece from me "Mango Passion Sky" shown above to go with Pasture Prima which has sketched elements with little purple cows.
It's almost midnight..pumpkin time Goodnight.

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