Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life Is Good

I have a new Life is Good t-shirt acquired at that Wintergreen resort in VA, so its long sleeved since it was so cold at 10 below zero there. This one sports Jake in a chair with a cup of java and a dog. Here I am in my own version of that, my puppers Max curled up here next to me on the couch nested in the towels I haven't yet folded, Kelly and Regis are on the screen, laptop in my lap, just finished drinking my home brewed Starbucks. Yeah I even had a piece of Starbucks old fashioned coffeecake because last night my daughter, Max and I went through the drive thru of the Starbucks she works at in Altamonte. She ordered her drink and I was totally lost as she included how many shots of gingerbread, what temperature, and asked for a short, so I just said I will have the same. My daughter is amazing, on the Dean's list at UCF, working two jobs, at Starbucks and the Melting Pot and now she is moving into a house with a few friends. Today we will meet up at Ikea at Millenia to look at pieces for her new home.

It is bittersweet. Sweet in that I am proud of her as I divulged above, and that she is brilliant, beautiful, and bold. Bitter in how I will so miss her knowing a deep sadness at the loss of her being here in my daily life is imminent. The door closing on parental second guessing, regrets and what ifs.

Time to get going, I am going to go vote here in Florida.


Kelli said...

Hi Robin,

I love the landscape at the top of your blog. It's gorgeous. I enjoyed reading about what you are doing. Miss you,

Loe, Kelli
(yes, that Kelli)

Carlynne said...

Oh how I can relate to the bittersweet of children moving out! I'm so proud of mine. The last one moved out 2 years ago and got married this past summer - I'm thrilled for her but at the same time a photo of her age 4 or 5 that suddenly pops into view can still cause me to choke back the tears and wish I could feel those little arms around my neck just one more time, so of course I pester her with tons of hugs when she stops by. The up side - having more room in the house, a new studio space and guilt free studio time, lovin it!