Thursday, January 03, 2008

Orlando Skyline

Traffic on I -4 has been crazy lately. I was looking at this painting that I did, well the jpeg since the piece sold years ago, noting the change in the skyline of Orlando. The city is blooming with growth. The recent games here brought lots of excitement.
Another local artist is creating silk scarves with the skyline on them. They are pretty cool. She sent me an email, here is an article;

Art that You Can wear
Posted by The Orlando Sentinel Nov 15, 2007
“Putting artwork on silk, having people wear it . .
. It's a whole different way of getting art to the public”
Marlene Burger is a striking woman -- tall, with a crown of silver-white hair and an incongruously youthful face. But more than her hair or complexion, it is her scarf that grabs attention. Long and light, it shimmers with the brilliance of a tropical
sunset on the verge of purple dusk. When Marlene unwinds the scarf, its
abstract shapes rearrange themselves into the familiar spires, domes and towers
of the downtown Orlando skyline -- complete with the Lake Eola fountain in the
foreground. Read


chris said...

I like this one. It is well done. I love the darkness on the sides as it makes me focus on the good stuff in the middle. Dont you like my technical wording today ;-)

Carlynne said...

Hey Robin, Happy New Year! You've been tagged. Visit my blog to see what to do. Hope 08 brings you much happiness and success.