Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vitality in Art

Good Morning! I use this piece of art entitled "Morning Toast" one of the flipped images created for my duo exhibit with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson "Chalk, Paper, Scissors", to raise a toast to these lines,

"Vitality in art is a rare quality, it means life – you see it and you feel life is worth living. It goes with originality and surprise, a mixture of the fresh and the eternal. ‘Banksy’s ideas have the value of a joke’ The respect given to ‘street art’ is a measure of how puerile and idiotic contemporary art has become by Matthew Collings

I left a comment yesterday on Carlynne and Kelli's blog regarding their list of goals so in following that train of thought this statement by Matthew Collins struck a chord in me which I would like to resonate throughout my lifetime of creating art.

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