Friday, February 15, 2008

Amish Paradise

I am just so excited to be in my new studio space. I have been having a blast creating this new piece inspired by one of many idylic scenes during a family trip to visit a corn maze in PA. I began calling this piece Amish Farm, then thought it seemed more like an Amish Paradise. Then as I am painting a song my son shared with me starts going through my head. Yes, it is Weird Al's Amish Paradise, so I guess I am back to Amish Farm. Here it is almost complete, it is a 24 x 18" pastel on canson.

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JulaineB said...

I am, as usual, enamored with your clouds. At work, I'm the new girl and of course I get the office that everyone refers to as "the gulag." No windows,harsh overhead lighting. No blood dripping down the walls, thank God.(Oh how I miss my office at Brick City.) I'll soon be seeing clients in the gulag, and I wonder, "how am I ever going to help these people find within themselves enough beauty to overcome the ugliness from whence they came? Especially in this wretchedly uninspiring space?" And now I know. I need clouds. Thank you, my friend.