Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dessert Lady

Here is my pastel "Blushin' Grannie Smiths" (The green apples)at The Dessert Lady
Once inside the newly renovated restaurant at Church St. Station in downtown Orlando you are enveloped in a lush cozy, simply delicious place. Below is a picture of me and the Desert Lady herself Patti Schmidt. (scroll)

I took pictures and sketched the food and coffees! But you can't see them yet. I am excited about creating new art from the spectacular creations made by the Dessert Lady.

One of my art collectors commissioned me to create a surprise gift painting for her Valentine.We sat and discussed the piece at The Dessert Lady. She enjoyed a delicious quiche and I had scrumptious bourban pecan pie. A perfect place to plan a Valentine painting.

Next a view of the gallery wall. Several artists shown here with a few of my pieces such as the purple hat girl titled "In Between Dreams", whose title was inspired from an album title by Jack Johnson. This and other pieces are from my show with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson; "Chalk, Paper, Scissors". Art pieces that are doubles or flipped images created in different mediums by two different artists.

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