Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Black on White signifying permanency and commitment, or gray on ochre...

1. Exhibit in 3 out of state galleries (check off one new state; now in California gallery)
2. Broaden advertising to national
3. Exhibit at college or university (check off; exhibition at SCC in Sept,Image Ideas for SCC Exhibit )
4. Increase web traffic via blogging, forms etc (created first form on website then feedblitz below)
5. Get a Studio (New Studio)
6. Exhibit throughout southeast
7. Create pieces for project with Davey Jordan and Heather Henson
8. Enter 3 competitions
9. Apply for artist residencies
10. Attend workshops
12. Create more oil paintings
13. Life painting
14. Organize
15. Keep up with Working Artist, Quicken, Database, and Mailings.
16. Seasonal hardcopy Newsletter
(I am sure I forgot something)

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