Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the Easel

I began to write "this piece began last week...", yet as with many pieces of my art their point of origin; when that spark ignites, there is a lapse of time as it is kindled and brought into existence. So here develops "The Glory of the West", a 19 x 24" pastel on canson mi-teintes ground shown taped to my new drawing board.
I am trying to keep it loose and somewhat abstract in the lower half. As I work that area I am instatntly brought back to my childhood to making a number of design pieces with layers by sliding different color crayons lengthwise. Then also to the rocks I have collected. The sun just caught my eye glistening off the fence through my studio window on this wonderful rainy Florida day, so I think I will take my boy Max for a walk so his paws will be wet but not our heads. Have a wonderful day!


gel said...

Your joy of life and sense of humor radiates from your blog posts as much as your beautiful artwork. I love this phrase you used here: "so his paws will be wet but not our heads."

I often use canson mi-teintes as a support, although so many pastel artists use Wallis paper. I find Wallis paper too rough for my style of artwork, even though it does hold many layers of pastel!

Recently, I took a mini break from soft pastel and painted a pet portrait of an adorable dog in oil pastel.

Thank you for sharing your work in progress. I feel almost as if I'm there with you (and I'd also come to a studio in my jammies.) In fact, I do that often, because my studio is in my home, but I'd also join in the spirt of fun to do so publically! :)

Gel {* * }

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Hey Gel,

I just love reading your comments! They have made my day start out with a big smile and a skip in my step. You are a wonderful writer!

gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

Hey Robin,
I'm so happy they did. I used to blog more regularly, but deleted my older blogs (which is why you don't see my artwork back up on my site.) I respect those who don't wish to leave comments, but I relish the interaction of blog readers, so if I'm able to type instead of "just read", I try hard to say something I feel.

Your artwork moves me. As another artist, I wish we lived near each other to interact regularly. I enjoy many other artists' work on the web, but I'm not moved to meet everyone although I'm a friendly person. There's something about your artwork and your life philsophy that pulls me to you in a very strong way! I want to walk into your studio this morning, sit down for a spell, and chat about your work or anything. I'm smiling that I found you in the blogosphere!

Thank you for the compliment about my writing! I love to write, especially free-verse poetry and short stories. I have combined my artwork with writing, too.

gel { * * }

Anonymous said...

Your piece fo the Canyons brought me back to my visits there in the early 80's. When were you there? I was captivated, and did two paintings upon coming home, which were gossoed over years ago. You did a wonderful job on this piece.