Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Andiamo Let's go

Andiamo became my favorite word as Igor Spinetelli, Globus tour director, led us on a tour of Italy's Great Cities. It was a sensational trip, a presto Italia! Shown above is the copy of the statue of David displayed outside in a square while the original Michelangelo masterpiece has a building created just for it around the corner in Florence. The building behind the statues to the right is the Uffizi Gallery. It was actually the first museum in history. Uffizi means office, which is what the building was when it first became a museum. Yes, I brought my sketchbook. Andiamo means let's go.


grossmans said...

hi robin, thanks for leaving me a comment on my travel blog. indeed, rome is awesome (despite of the horrible abuse the dollar has been taking against the euro).

your artwork is awesome.

Casey Klahn said...

Hey, Robin. I'm on the Blog Tour as well and found your site.

Italy is the bee's knees for art, eh?
I am a pastelist at the opposite corner of the US from you.