Friday, March 21, 2008

Glory of the West modifications

I like having time to let this piece sit on my wall as I continue to work on it. This is part of my process; creating a space in time for objectivity. I am pleased with the sense of light and the natural abstract paterns the canyon provides. I just took this photo of the pastel in my studio. It is 5 am so there is no natural light excepting the brilliant moonlight on this Good Friday morning. I need to make some decisions on which piece to select for my SCC (Seminole Community College)PR. This or the new semi titled Maui Memory one in progress.
I went downtown Orlando last night for 3rd Thursday. I stopped in for to see some great art and chat at one of my favorite spots, The Westin Grand Bohemian Gallery . At Gallery at Avalon Island I had missed the exhibit opening when I returned from Italy for my friend Pedro Brull and Bobby Goldsboro so I caught it before it comes down. I was hoping to run into Diane Goldsboro, Bobby's wife, at his debut show at the gallery but they were in Tennessee. I used to walk with her in Ocala when I lived there 8 years ago. I saw Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson's art and more friend's works at "Paint the Town" at the City Hall, Paper show at City Arts Factory, and stopped in to see Charlie, the glass blower to tell him about my experience at Murano, Italy. It was a nice evening topped off with dinner at Spice in Winter Park with my daughter.

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gel (Emerald Eyes) said...

Good morning Robin,

Happy Birthday to Max! We're "dog" people so I'm smiling at the story of his cake. Also enjoyed reading about your art walks. We have them in my area, too.

This canyon painting is strong, bold, and vibrant. I, too, like the play of light you are captilizing upon. In addition, I like the angles you created in the composition. I bet you know the areas that need more work from your extensive background and talent, so I'll remain mum about what I'd like to see emerge and watch for your next installment in progress.

I feel this is a stronger PR piece than the painting below, although I am a fan of all of the work I've seen you produce so far. If you'd like me to email the reasons, why then email me at ArtsyGel(number18) at gmail dot com.

P.S. I did manage to put a few paintings back up in a photo gallery on my blog, but commissions and art shows beckon before blogging!

Gel {* * }