Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pastel Today

I have several shows coming up so I had to get busy creating new work. On this lovely windy Florida day, I had a great desire to paint a red sky. I put aside my Italy drawings. This morning I began this pastel on 16 x20" navy canson mi-eintes by blocking in.

I continued to work till I couldn't see straight. My work is created from my passion for color. The scene is based on a road traveled while driving a jeep in Maui, yet quietly reminisces Tuscany. I find I like a hint of ambiguity. I have shared here a version also in black and white. Seeing in black and white is a tool to double check my values as I am working from within and not en plein air. It feels good, yet I may need to resolve the busy center at the middle tree top.

As I have been taking photos of works in progress I have found I get more excited about some pieces at earlier stages with raw color so this is my goal here. Resisting the urge to make the work so realistic while keeping the juicy color.

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gel (Emerald Eyes) said...

Hi Robin,

Red sky? MMMMMM! I love your stron g use of color. I'm sitting at my computer amazed because I just began a painting based on my photo of a brilliant red sunrise. Perhaps, that creative urge arose for both of us for that strong energetic, happy color after the bleakness of winter?

I highly relate to your second paragraph. In retrospect, there are many pieces I wish I had photographed in progress for the same reasons you cite here. It's a great teaching tool to students and especially for oneself. Like you, I learn from the stages of my work. Sometimes, I am happier with the earlier stages of the painting, where that energy and color flow in a surge, than the final product. The trick is to keep that process alive in one's work to the end, to rework if necessary. This painting of yours is coming to life nicely!

gel { * * }

I'll be emailing you soon (artist talk for within the next week or so), because there's even more to share than your lovely comment you left on my blog. Thank you!

(I, too, am involved in preparing for several shows and have plunged into an opportunity I just heard about that has a deadline of a week in the midst of commissions and other work I must complete. I am happy being busy though.)