Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wander where the wind blows

Wander where the wind blows"
21" x 17"
Robin Maria Pedrero

I absolutely love this piece I finished for the PR for the SCC exhibit! If you have been checking my works in progress notice I changed the title from Maui Memory to "Wander where the wind blows". I spiced up my bio and artist statement per Alyson's expertise in "I'd rather be in the studio". Bio on test drive.

Pedrero began fine art studies at the age of thirteen. She rode her bike where Foxwoods casino now sits near her hometown of Norwich, CT. Her early exhibitions began at The Mystic Art Association, the seaport town where she met Julia Roberts and cast during the filming of “Mystic Pizza”. Acknowledged for her luminous landscapes and captivating portraits Pedrero has since become an established award winning artist; published in magazines, newspapers, documentaries, and news broadcasts. Jeffrey Spalding now CEO and President for Glenbow Museum, Canada judged her work best of show with a "magical use of color" as Director of the Appleton Museum in Ocala Florida. The PSA after Pedrero’s signature is a privilege of elected signature members of the Pastel Society of America. Travel and family play a large role in her compositions; her art is a visual journal. Collected worldwide her works are in private and corporate collections nationally and in countries such as Japan, Spain and Scotland. Recently she has had fun experimenting with slideshows of her work for You Tube. Pedrero works from her home studio in Longwood Florida, enjoying the company of her dog Max.


Susie Monday said...

Wonderful piece and a great artist's bio. Inspires me to go work on mine some more.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...


You have a great name and blog title. Nice to meet you via Alyson Stanfield's blog tour. I appreciate your positvie feedback on my new bio.I enjoy your work and will look for that book by Eric Maisel. Your shared process of your work is inspirational and resonates affirmations for me.