Sunday, April 20, 2008

Catching up

In this moment of quiet, even the distant traffic is mute as I reflect back on the week. I find it somewhat funny how often non artists, for example a neighbor, just said to me how nice it must be to just paint all of the time, and be a talented artist, with the added I can't draw a stick figure, included here for artist friends who hear that line a few times a month. Well yes it is nice. Actually more than nice, it is part of who I am. I however am one of those artists whose career is art, so it is not only a passion but it is my business. After she read my newsletter, Pocketful of Colors she responded surprised, as to all my activity and events and congratulated me on my successes.

I enjoy both the business and the creating of art. Creating art is a passion and also involves continued research, study, and building of skills. Those aspects expand for me via travel and demos and workshops. I hone my skills through the work itself . I am in continued quest of researching and seeking from books, events and master artists. The actually creating of the art I have read can amount to as little as 10% of an artists week. There are multiple deadlines for shipping, framing, calls to artists, galleries, exhibits, commissions, drop offs and pick ups. After a work is created it needs to be documented. That process involves photography in multiple formats and databasing all details; measurements, medium, source, ground, date, and framing.

Business like most involves networking with numerous events through various avenues. Marketing, collector and mailing list databases, and press releases are part of my daily tasks. I build and maintain my own lists, website, blog, newsletter, ads, web presence and exhibitions.

I rarely put in a 40 hour week, it is usually much much more and I love every bit of it!

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