Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Return from Atlanta to finish Puppet Art

"Wave of Life"
Pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes
18" x 24"
April 1,2008
Robin Maria Pedrero

I finished and framed this pastel today for the 1st Thursday April 3, 2008 "Beyond Geppeto" at the Orlando Museum of Art 6. I will also have two photos from Italy in the show per request of the curator. I look forward to seeing Wavy Davy's reaction when he sees the artwork of himself and the puppets.

Despite my creeping deadlines I had a great mini vacation. We actually walked our bikes through the lobby of the
J.W. Marriott into the elevator and up to our rooms, as we rode trails around GA. Six Flags was a bit wet, but Goliath was my favorite roller coaster. Just like a kid I was excited to see the dynamic duo Batman and Robin. We enjoyed returning to a favorite eat The Buckhead Diner. I have great new pictures to study. I absolutely love the scenery and farm life on I -75. We really enjoyed riding bikes trails in Paynes Prairie Preserve, in Micanopy FL.

I kept the Leisure and Arts section from the Wall Street Journal Saturday March 29 - 30 p W18 for an article by David Littlejohn under "Masterpiece, Anatomy of a classic" titled "Disproportionately Powerful" which left me a little melancholy. I remember my teacher Dori K. Mandel coming directly from master Robert Brackman's studio sharing with me their conversation about the color, form and lines of Cezanne. Then she gave me a little book on Cezanne which I still cherish. I sought the article excited to read of the greatness of the art and artist. I read how Littlejohn sees a misshapen displaced man. One of my 19th century heroes was under scrutiny in the 20th century. My first reaction was to curl up in a ball in fear of critique in my own future. Yet Littlejohn did what I once listed in my artist statement, he allowed me to see with his perceptions and open my eyes to a new way of thinking. When I look at "Le Grand Baigbeur" I see it as an artist, watching a body walking in motion and capturing that movement, that imperfect body, with weight resting on the front foot. I think perhaps his shared perspective opened my mind to new objectivity to observe my own work.

Off to watch American Idol...

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