Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dominoes and Diamonds

Once again in the morning I am invited into reading via the blogosphere. The Arts Journal has my attention with "To Blog or Not to Blog" and I spent time nodding in universal agreement with my first newsletter of the week from Robert Genn "Art and Happiness." I enjoy receiving these newsletters. I commented a short response to each on their sites. Sharing with Robert and readers that I am an advocate for being healthily drug free, using the word healthy to avoid any inkling of drug free at any risk, pressing on towards more organic. Not quite vegan but influenced moreso recently by a free ITUNES podcast on the return flight from Italy, to buying the book "Skinny Bitch" on lay over at JFK. There's nothing like the REAL THING artificial food and artificial happiness just don't cut it. Genn has a list in the letter, one of his many keys, that is insightful. Two authors whose heavily underlined books are on my shelves, Julia Cameron in "Walking in This World" and Janice Elsheimer in "The Creative Call" recommend walking and being outdoors. I find my balance in prayer, solitude and nature. These aspects are then released through my hands into my artwork. In seeking, finding, and then creating from that well my artwork has viewers respond with comments of feeling serenity, joy and nurturing. As I read through this post I see dominoes and diamonds here.


12" x 15" unframed

pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes


Robin Maria Pedrero

Let me know if you'd like "Lunch"... this organic fruit special

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