Saturday, May 24, 2008

Florida Artists Registry

In my previous post I mentioned the Florida Artists Registry as a sponsor for the Maitland Art Center's PARTICIPATION event and I want to share more about it. Today, the worldwide organization promotes more than 3,500 member artists. It is a member supported network of artists, galleries, museums and art organizations, each helping the other in an online arts community. Enjoy exploring the site, you might be there for hours...

"Amethyst Golden Aria"
framed 22" x 29"
by Robin Maria Pedrero
This piece will be featured in PARTICIPATION as an sample of my work. If you select me to work with you as your artist we create work together. Sitting side by side, I bring my finest materials and we create a skyscape or landscape using pastel. Last year I spontaneously choose to give each piece a dual signature, mine and the patrons. It is a lot of good messy fun!

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tammy vitale said...

thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Alyson Stanfield interview! I have a friend I'm going to send right over to see this piece - she has been playing with clouds in acrylics. She's going to love this!