Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Glory of the West set free

Today I set free the "Glory of the West". The trees and rocks crowding the edges had been driving me bonkerz. Here is a link to the previous blogged version Glory of the West. I wanted a loose piece and I tightened it up when I placed the trees and rocks on the sides. I knew so the moment I started to block them in however I "shoulded" myself into depicting them. The word "shoulded" is important. Among many of her teachings, I was taught by Bobbie Clemmons the importance of word usage. Finding strength in "I could," "I might," and "I will" negating ever having to be made to as in "should". It may seem a silly thing but for me it makes a lifetime of a difference especially when I pay attention to my self talk or revise it. Bobbie spurred changes in my life through her example and teaching. So today I dedicate the "unshoulding" re-creation of my artwork "Glory of the West" in her memory. Peace be to my extended family at this time of our loss of beloved Barbara (Bobbie) Hunt Lawson Clemmons, September 6, 1929 - May 11, 2008.


tammy vitale said...

what an awesome pastel! And I had no idea that you could rework pastels like this - taking out something already in (which is probably why I don't work in pastel). I will also take away your dialogue on inner talk - most excellent suggestions. Am sorry for your loss.

Visual Artist said...

Thank you Tammy.I appreciate your positive feedback.