Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Invisible Forces of Nature

Absolute Arts has a listing of an exhibit "The Invisible Forces of Nature" that resonates with my artist statement. Their description is more scientific speaking of thermal dynamics, gravity, and electromagnetism. I also like their use of the title "Master Designer Nature", as a mentor. "The Invisible Forces of Nature" 2008-05-02 until 2008-05-25 will be at St. John’s College Art Gallery Santa Fe, NM, USA . I know I will not be making it to that exhibit so if you get there please post a comment telling your response and experience.

My month is filled with wonderful family events, a birthday today, a college graduation on Mother's Day, travels up and down the east coast, and afar. Yet I dipped into a bit a of melancholy yesterday over a rejection notice. I am trying to bury it and the finances entwined with it to move on to NEXT. I have been on all ends, judging and communicating the diplomatic not this time and opening that "unfortunate" letter. I am presently the Image Master for the Arts Worship Sabbath scheduled for October at the City Arts Factory in Orlando. The images will come to me, I won't be judging but people will get a not this time note from me. Here waits MAX A. MILLION, my traveling companion and cutest puppers ever waiting on my Keens to go for a walk - good idea walk it off.

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