Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pedrero paints "Rosabellas"

With my vague understanding of italian I am calling these lovely girls Rosabellas for beautiful roses. Earlier I was calling them Bellasrosas, till I googled and I will research a little more so I have it perfect. I see them as beautiful roses, tender, glowing, lovely sisters. I used the word paint however to be technically correct I am drawing using pastels. Pastel artists interchange draw and paint. The International Association of Pastel Societies defines this in an interesting way;

What is the difference between a pastel drawing and a pastel painting?
When visiting a library or galleries, you will find pastel paintings often lumped with pastel drawings. Hopefully, as the knowledge of the medium continues to grow, this view will change. You can draw with any medium — oil, acrylic, pastel, etc. But drawing is about line, while painting is about shape.

I was before a board in a final discussion of my grant proposal when one of the curators told me my grant was incorrect in labeling my pastel work as painting. "Pastel is a drawing medium." I explained IAPS and other pastel organizations guidelines explaining how the paper is filled it is a called a painting, when it is linear and not filled it is a drawing. The response was "Pastel is a drawing medium, final". Well I did get the grant regardless of my unconvincing defense.

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