Thursday, June 19, 2008

Art Collecting Part One

" Take the Yellow Road"
9" x 9" pastel by
Robin Maria Pedrero

I make art and collect art. Collecting art is more than decorating, although the art does become part of our daily living environment. Another preconception is that collecting is just for wealthy, famous or elite people while in fact collecting art is very personal and accessible for everyone. Like any investment in yourself it takes time to build your own collection reflecting your interests. As you collect work that you enjoy, your visual awareness becomes acute and you gain experience with art and build relationships with artists.

Starting an art collection begins with your desire.


Anonymous said...

Your work was the first piece in my collection of now seven original fine art works of art. There holds a special place for that first one. I had to have it, thanks for making that possible.



Anonymous said...

OMG girl! I want to be in your mind. This piece is stunning. Where's the price? Or is it sold?