Thursday, June 19, 2008

Art Collecting Part Three

"Grazing beneath a garnet sky" featured at COMMA Gallery Orlando FL July 8th through August 2008

Taking action on your desire (Continued from Art Collecting Part Two)
So have a cow if you want to...

Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, with only one fear of mistake; buying art that you don’t care for. No one else knows what you like better than you do. Once you've educated yourself and have fallen in love with a work of art, buy it, take it home and enjoy it. It is an emotional experience and it will enhance your life.

You are smart, everyone has a budget that is why galleries and artists establish payment plans. So if you really love it and it is higher than you budgeted then make arrangements. Or ask to see more, similar in your price range.

Did you know after you purchase fine art you become one of the artist's collectors which gains you special privileges? My collectors are invited to early previews with note cards, and invitations to fabulous events. In my adoration for my collectors I grant them savings on multiple pieces and gift them work. I also give incentives for referrals.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are on target there about loving the art you buy. Something happens deep inside. The piece I purchased from you brings me great joy every day. Rays of sunshine to my heart.


Anonymous said...

This is a good down to earth post. A must read to share with my husband.
Thanks Robin

Melynda (you know from group)

Anonymous said...

So true; most of our collectors at COMMA GALLERY buy because the art speaks to them personally and not because we can say this artist has won awards or is in museum collections. The art we sell best is from passionate artists who can convey feelings into their work. It does not have to be beautiful just genuine. Few artists are willing to take the risk to allow themselves to explore their true creative being. Those that do not only achieve a great deal of satisfaction from the process but also seem to sell well.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thank you Karen,

Note to readers, Karenis not only a curator but is blurred those lines and is an accomplished artist as well.