Thursday, June 19, 2008

Art Collecting Part Two

New work fresh off the easel and still untitled 9" x 9" pastel by Robin Maria Pedrero

Satisfying that DESIRE (cont from Art Collecting Part One)

Seek and Pay Attention : Flip through some art magazines. I often pick one up at an airport bookstore when in another part of the country where I can grab a different one from those I pick up in my local bookstore. I buy them because I keep notes and tear pages out of the magazines, sometimes pining them up on a cork board to see how I feel about the art in a month. I search the Internet for art, reviews, even YOU TUBE artists at work. I subscribe to blogs and newsletters of my favorites.

Seek Art and Pay Attention and Attend: Read your local calendar and actually GO to the shows. If you haven't been, art shows are not all as pretentious as movies would have us believe. Unlike sports or theater, art shows have a window of time that you can visit at your leisure, a few minutes or a couple of hours, you decide how long you want to be in the space. Museums show famous and established artists while art fairs are melting pots of styles, mediums and quality. Gallery staff and most artists love to talk about their art. Questions are welcomed. The more art you see and the more questions you ask, the more you will understand what you like. As you know what you like you gain confidence in fulfilling that desire for building your collection.

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Nancy Moskovitz said...

Hi Robin
I like what you said about art shows not being pretentious. I forget "regular" people may feel that way.