Monday, June 02, 2008

Loved Ones and Familiar Places

It wasn’t the cover or world bestseller that attracted me to the novel “The Geographer’s Library” by Jon Fasman. The word geographer, as I enjoy maps, led me to flip through the pages, enticed by his writing, then to carry it on the plane. I’ve been on emergency travels yet not departed by my Source of Joy. Gilbert says in “Eat Pray Love,”
“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts,
and you are the slave to your emotions.”
Last week I spent time sharing YOU Tube videos like “Freeze in Grand Central Station” by holding my lap top over my father’s bed to entertain him, cooking for him, watching his smile while spending time with his bird “Velvet”, and googling about diabetes and colon cancer as he heals.


Fasman’s journalist says “hundreds of site- specific stories popped into my head” like my experience of the house, yard and town back home in Connecticut where I grew up.

In “Walking on Water” Madeleine L’Engle recommends
“allowing the child a certain amount of solitude in a reasonably safe
environment is allowing the child’s imagination to grow and develop”
I smile when I recall my parents’ provisions for me to be the artist that I have become. Ironically “The Geographer’s Library” is set in Connecticut, with stories of Italy where I recently took my parents, a mention of a Longwood Inn (I live in Longwood FL now), and now in reading have come upon a chapter of Cubans. Pedrero is Spanish Cuban not Italian, although I am ½ Italian.

Unfortunately returning to Florida my vehicles were burglarized, gone are my GPS, my son’s back pack with all of his final studies and a few other items. Sunday he had an unfortunate fall while playing at church. We have been at the emergency room and hospital as he regains his memory. A very scary experience to hear him forget what just happened five minutes ago. He is healing quickly, remembering more and quite ready to come home, concussion and all.

Family and memories are so very precious. I am thankful that healing has taken place. I feel blessed as an artist that I play a role in capturing memories of our loved ones and special places.

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