Saturday, July 19, 2008

Millenia Fine Art presents "The Best & The Brightest”

Josh Garrick curated "The Best & The Brightest” Works by Artists from the School of Visual Arts in New York City at the Millenia Fine Art Gallery here in Orlando (locations also in NY and Vegas). Garrick had instructed at the school for eleven years. Twelve of New York City’s School of Visual Arts’ “best and brightest” recent graduates: Samuel T. Adams, Brendan Carney, Spencer Chalk-Levy, Lorena Chavez, Elizabeth Cosby, Sarah Ferguson, Alejandro Guzman, Hye Ryung Lee, Alberto Lopez, Jenny Morgan, Min Pang, and John Turner exhibited. This opening was an exciting event with some fresh new work. “There is no single through-line in the artistic voice of this work,” says Garrick. Along with painting that includes everything from pure abstraction to ‘literal realism,’ photography and sculpture will also be shown. The single common denominator in this show is the quality of the work. Garrick says, “I was looking for quality and diversity. The excitement derives when one considers the future in art that these extraordinarily talented artists may look forward to.”

There were many outstanding works of art in fact I need to go back sans the crowd for a leisurely look. I spent quite a bit of time in front of three portraits of an asian woman. I enjoyed chatting with my friends in the arts community, and meeting the New York visitors. I spoke to Spencer Chalk Levy after his uncomfortable introduction before the enormous crowd encouraging him to believe in his future as an artist he will become accustomed to the limelight . How could I not go there, his mother's name is Robin and his work is good. My first impression of his work gathered thoughts of Botero merging with John Currin and Alice Neel. The eyes of his character's are so expressive and rendered with care. I did some internal nodding identifying his appearance with his characters. It was nice to hear how Spencer worked for Oscar De La Renta and his life in New York.

If you want to catch this show it is at Millenia Fine Art, 555 South Lake Destiny Drive, Orlando FL. I am excited about the upcoming pARTicipation event at the Maitland Art Center because Josh Garrick is also bidding to do a pastel with me.


selcox said...

Sarah Ferguson was one name mentioned....did you mean "the" Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of York?

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

No, not the Dutchess, I would have included that of course! Funny this is the second Sarah Ferguson that I know as an artist.

Anonymous said...

Just caught the review --- THANK YOU FOR THAT