Monday, July 14, 2008

Response to Bergersen on

In The today Cindy Lee Bergersen in "An Art Collection You Can Call Your Own" elaborates on the newly coined term, “Art Buying Paralysis”. And lists goals I omitted beyond "collection for love of art," she explores collecting "for profit and status". Including the use of the term “blue chip,” which means “mid-career,” or “emerging”. While at Atlantis an executive shared with me his story at just out of college with no furniture and a great desire to have a piece of art he and his fiance had just fell in love with. Reason came in and they bought a couch. Bergersen states "Chances are you will more likely remember with regret the art you didn’t buy", the executive in his late 40's still vividly recalls the work of art and regrets the unmemorable couch. Rick Friedman, developer of ArtHamptons and the Hamptons Home and Garden Show has a bullet list of suggestions in the article.

Although I am a professional artist in terms of the world at large I am a "blue chip". I've said it. I am at odds with this description, but kinda liking the trendy 21st century jargon.

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