Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sage Moon Gallery and Peach Pickin'

My last visit to Charlottesville Virginia held memories engraved in my mind of fabulous and diverse public sculptures, like a whale tail, a business man with no body, and people cartwheeling on a hill filling me with wanderlust for arts and culture in CVille. Last weekend provided cool breezes on summer days perfect for the wedding and also for walking the downtown mall in the historic district. From our seat at "Sal's Caffe Italia", one of the many outdoor dining areas, we savored the flavor of the community. My daughter and I slipped into numerous new and used bookstores. I picked up a Susan Sontag's novel "The Benefactor" at the Blue Whale where I read their sign quickly expecting to see an ART MYSTERIES section.

The family often waits for me while I take a jaunt through galleries, like the co-op behind this mosaic chair. The Sage Moon Gallery captured the whole family's attention. Once in, we were greeted warmly & invited to explore all three levels. I truly liked the art, the presentation of each artist, with some having a different wall color behind their work reminiscent of when Jeffrey Spalding directed the Appleton Museum years ago. Sage Moon has a link on their website which gives you a tour. I met Morgan Mackenzie Perkins, to compliment her on her gallery and she shared it is her goal for her gallery to be "inviting" and "eclectic". I will be going back there for sure!

At the downtown mall there is also a sculpture wall to draw on with chalk. I of course drew my signature purple tree. We got in some historic spots at Monticello, Miche Tavern and Ash Lawn. We sighted a beautiful red fox while picking peaches and nectarines at Carter Mountain Orchard. The scent of something fresh baked drew us into the store area where we sampled scrumptious peach cider donuts. The picturesque hills of Virginia were filled with vineyards, orchards, cows, deer, actual herds of deer in a field where one would have been looking at cows!


gel (Emerald Eyes) said...

Well, wow! You've now traveled to my home area (Washington,DC) where you were here for the Cherry Blossoms and we could have met....and on down to where I went to university! UVA!

Charlottesville is gorgeous. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit there. Next time, you're out this way, give me a shout! :)

liza myers said...

Charlottesville is great, and SAge moon is impressive. I showed there for a couple of years, but it was too hard to maintain things at a distance at that point in my life. Love the light & dynamic color in your work!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Yes Gel I need to do some girl trips! You must have luved going to school there, it is just so picturesque! Well besides that it's a great school LOL

Robin Maria Pedrero said...


How serendipitous! If you were in there that double confirms that it's a cool gallery!

Thank you for commenting specifically on an aspect of my work. I crave the feedback especially since moving from the public studio.