Sunday, July 13, 2008

Serene Sweden

We played board games in the Galleria Mall, and watched the Ukrainian Mimes emotive street performance. Art was everywhere as you can see in my six minute You Tube video. I adored the gardens and OH the hedgerow where I did cartwheels on royal grounds. Isolation wore off as I gathered a special Swedish gift and I am not referring to my street massage, which was revitalizing. I was able to savor nature as the sun came out and relish in their lifestyle where their greatest gift is to allow one to just BE.

In BIRKA I lay on a rock and watched the earth, sea and sky meet. Naked children running through the water, deers romping through the fields, rabbits hopping, bees buzzing as the Vikings prepared their camps and worked. I greeted people in their native language saying "Hey" or "Hi" met by friendly responses of "Hey Hey". I didn't have the heart to say GUD MORON, without thinking of our English definition. Swedes are a wonderful people. We couldn't help but note the ubiquitous pregnant women and heard the frequent sounds of playful toddlers.

We did a day in Copenhagen, Denmark visiting the little mermaid, the palace, gardens and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. A cow on the tracks slightly delayed our great desire to return to clean quiet Stockholm, which at once welcomed us home.


liza myers said...

You write wonderfully... such rich descriptions! I feel as if I went on the journey with you! Great photos too. But what I REALLY love is the vibrant use of color in your pastel images.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi robin!
what beautiful pictures and stories! Your vacation looks wonderful and magical!