Friday, August 01, 2008

Abstract pastel

I created this piece by working horizontally with blues and greens then applied turpentine washes to the mounted piece of canson mi-teintes. After drying, I turned the piece vertically and applied more color . I needed these colors. I needed to make marks, smudges, curves and lines. Musician's need to make music, artists need to make art. This piece of art is how I felt today. In a flux. Creating it transitioned me to move on from those feelings. Then I wanted to sketch a cow. So I did.

When I tell my kids the story of when I was chased by cows they laugh. I was young and silly enough to pick apples in their field when some cows came near to my bag to have some too. I started to walk fast, they walked faster, then I ran. Yeah. So did they. SO I ran into a rocky wooded area escaping trampling. Not because I was chased, but I have not eaten beef since March when I read "Skinny Bitch" on my return flight from Italy. To my surprise I don't miss it or chicken, or pork. Skinny was the appealing goal yet I am feeling more healthy as a result.

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