Sunday, August 10, 2008

Collecting Art I love

Katharine Mathisen created this ceramic wall sculpture, a very loved piece in my art collection which makes me feel my heart is singing for joy, so it is just outside my bedroom door. I first saw her work in an ad of a local Orlando magazine and contacted her with some opportunities that I knew would be perfect for her work. She was skeptical after having been previously taken advantage of. My recommendations worked out for her, eventually her work was also featured at my and Diana Ferguson's former gallery, Open Windows Studios. We all created as artist entertainment at Cafe Tu Tu Tangos together. I saw Katharine at the Orlando Museum of Art when we were both teaching there. I occasionally see her from time to time. In posting about her work I could not even remember how to correctly spell her name. I found her on the Tangos site. This lack of information and also the provided information by a few of the artists whose work I have collected and mention, prompted me to give some thoughts to my business practices. I send postcards and newsletters to my art collectors. I provide a bio and artist statement to my collectors when they initially acquire artwork directly from me. Now I will mail an updated sheet every few years.

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Marionette said...

Love your art! Very beautiful! I will include your blog on my list of blogs that I read! Thanks for the reference on my "Top Ten Reasons to Love Art"!

Aloha from Kauai,