Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Conscious decison to submit

Yes that is what it took. A conscious decision to submit to painting the satin jacket. I had to discipline myself, even deprive myself of working on Moon's face to focus on the jacket. As you see here I developed it on the left side. Something strange happened; another artist, Michael "Vas" once said to me "It's all about the paint," referring to a vibrant red cloth he'd painted, and today that statement became a reality. I liked it.
It's funny when painting, like driving, songs are playing, I'm singing, thoughts flowing as I pass from dark to light, color to color. Then an unsettling memory of another artist making a dig at me surfaced. It was something to the effect that because I focused on using pastels I knew nothing about mixing color. I was defending myself on the inside, doesn't she know the master Brackman was a colorist, or that I studied oil painting as my first medium.Whether intentional or careless this happens in the art world amongst peers on every level. I chalked it up to ignorance. I am not seeking a pat on the back sharing this, more about how important it is to use uplifting words and care with one another. Even in areas of giving critiques, reminding myself to try to use diplomacy, carefully selecting words such as "you could", avoiding accusations or commands like "don't" and "you should". Anyhow my framer Mike called and I picked up my show for Seminole Community College. They look sharp!

BTW pastelists can mix colors blending on their ground.


Carlynne said...

Hi Robin, sorry that artist's comments came back to bother you. Color theory's the same no matter what the media and some people just don't know how to give a critique. They have no understanding of what it does to the other person. Anyway, I'm really liking the feeling in this piece. And, thanks for commenting on my blog.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...


Yes that could have been the perfect response "Color theory's the same no matter what the media." You hit the nail n the head!