Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A day in the life of Robin

Fay weather is approaching Orlando and I am as unsettled as the weather. Bouncing around, from the necessary yet boring laundry, dishes etc., emails, playing with Max, making breakfast, listening to the Today show broadcast from Beijing and now our governor Charlie Crist discusses the tropical storm. My attention is caught on my laptop by an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer Art: What motivates big collectors to do what they do? By Edward Sozanski Contributing Art Critic. The doorbell signaled that the man in brown just delivered some of my books for me to sign! I have vacillated between the words book and catalog. The pictures are just so vibrant! Elizabeth is a wonderful graphic designer. I thank her for creating this beautiful book/catalog for us and all the work she did with Lulu to make our POD (published on demand).
Much of the oil painting of Moon is wet. I just love this square canvas! I am pleased that I finally selected to go with modern clothing. Brackman's words spin threads "You're original in spite of what you've inherited." It creeps into your work." If smidgens of "my inheritance" from the school of Brackman creep into my work it is an honor. The curator for Love Works just called and I must make a spreadsheet for the jurors. Perhaps after I build some more paint layers on Moon.

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Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi robin!
what a beautiful post. congratulations on your book! isn't lulu.com wonderful? i just adore your painting!