Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Define the undefinable

"..she's given up trying to communicate in writing the way such works make her feel. It's like trying to define the undefinable: infinity, enlightenment. It's like trying to put true words to love." from "The painter from Shanghai" a novel by Jennifer Cody Epstein.
That is my answer with the words Epstein wrote from the heart of artist Pan Yuliang as my reply to Sue Smith who asks who and why we collect. Smith also asks if we are an artist do we collect other people's art, in her Aug 2 post. Here is one of my favorite pieces by Marianna Hamilton Ross which was love at first site for me at her farewell exhibit from 15 years of teaching at Seminole Community College in 2006. She installed the hanging silk piece which also lights up in my home.

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Serena said...

OH, that IS beautiful!