Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dreams take flight

Little moleskin thumbnails with my constant companion Max (yes even in the wee hours)
After midnight I lay in bed as my mind played with the composition and colors of the background for the painting I have not yet placed on canvas. I dreamt of a girl that looked like American Idol's Brooke who was a champion player of some evening bowling type game at a family campground. Oh I just remembered the girl who came to our camper to borrow a flashlight when I was ten, perhaps she was that memory. Anyhow, the facility turned the lights out and families went to their camp spots. I was walking through the woods between sites. There was a child playing and I took to flight, so he would not realise I was a human flying I morphed into a bat. That's a first. I often fly like this, in and out of tree tops along country roads. Down one road the branches became filled with hanging dry vines. As I flew I had to turn this way and that morphing into a sparrow till I was nestled in a spot with a bunch of magpies who would eye me and accept my presence with chatter. I maneuvered towards an area less congested to encounter a bright red crowned golden ochre chicken, who I startled, and it stared at me. Moonlight started to change to daylight in my dream and in my room. From the top branches I saw chickens everywhere as one farmer called to the other "Well lookey at that! She doesn't know she's an owl." I looked at my wings, understood and flew. Roused by a sawing spouse and a begging bladder my thoughts turned to the colors I will make for the painting so here I am bright and early with oil pastels making thumbnails in the moleskin book Kerry Vosler, Ambassador for the Florida Portrait Society of America, gave to me as a thank you gift.


Anonymous said...


I am thrilled to see your sketches, thumbnails and share in your dream. I learn so much from you. The book came in and is vibrant! I will see you at your SCC exhibit, in just a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Glad you said that was mAx. I thought you'd dyed your red hair black and grey!