Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hair, ear and eye

Today I worked on the entire painting with a focus on her hair, ear and right eye (left in the painting). I am enticed by faces and seek the challenges of facial characteristics and skin tones. I have to share that I am totally not into painting that jacket. It's a beautiful jacket. I am taking notice that I don't care to paint clothing all that much, which is odd as I am a haute couture junkie. Unfortunately unless I change my attitude about the satin jacket, the fact that I am not thrilled about painting it will be evident in the work. Is this what happened to Klimt? That's something to think about. Going all geometric like the backgrounds of my pastels "Linger", "Cupcake in the City" and "Cup of Candlelight", but in the clothing. Perhaps I will try that on something else, not this one. Did I tell you I first met Moon while having pancakes with Dario and Craig from U-Turn Dance, now the Center for Contemporary Dance, two years ago! The very day I made the decision to resign from my arts administrator job and be a full time artist.


Heather said...

Wow, what amazing color and movement! Beautiful!~

Manon Doyle said...

This painting is amazing! I love what you do with color! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thanks girls~!