Sunday, August 03, 2008

Keith Theriot, Donna Dowless, Kyle and more

I want to thank Laura Wood, Karen Savage and Josh Garrick the winning bidders who selected me to paint for or with them at the fundraiser for pARTicipation 2008 at the Maitland Art Center. Here are a few of the other morning artists working; this is KYLE who incorporates his surroundings through multi media reflecting his concern with environment, community and relationships.

I had the pleasure watching and more so listening to Donna Dowless creating one of her mixed media pieces for Jeffrey Shonkwiler President of the Florida Artist's Registry. Donna met Andy Warhol in the 70's and he left her with this wisdom "if you are an artist in your heart, so be it". As she worked she spoke of Jeff, of various relationships, emotions and character and how he connects artists and how the marks she was making represented those connections. Because of Donna's inspirational efforts to spread love through art and culture Mayor Buddy Dyer appointed her Orlando's official "Ambassador of Love".
It was a real treat to watch Keith Theriot work. He effortlessly drew figure after figure on paper then wood, masterfully. He states 'the paint becomes the muse", and I witnessed that happen before my eyes as he dipped his bare hands into the paint to create his figures.
I was busy having fun, creating or teaching pastel so I can not include all 20 fabulous artists but I wanted to share a little of the unique experience that this event brings to Central Florida each year.

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