Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Art Collection - in the kitchen

This acrylic floral painting is from a series created by Evelyn McCurdy. I was drawn to the colors and the patterns she used similar to Matisse's "The Purple Robe". A series of her note cards are mini collages with words of wisdom. One advantage to being both an artist and an art collector is trading when there is a mutual desire to have a piece of each other's work, as in this case. She has a Pedrero beach.
You might recognise this collage artist's work from recent posts about our book, "Chalk" Paper, Scissors and our upcoming exhibit at SCC, none other than Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. While I was in Sarasota at a Judith Carducci workshop the owner of The Canvas Cafe gave me a ticket to the Sarasota Film Festival for "Waitress". I could be a groupie for this movie. I saw it again at the Enzian in Winter Park with my daughter on Mother's Day. I had told Elizabeth who creates fabulous waitress and pie collages she HAD to see it. She now has a personal copy of "Waitress". This piece was inspired by the movie and exhibited at the Orlando Museum of Art when Elizabeth was the featured artist there last year. I bought it opening night!

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