Monday, August 25, 2008

SPECIAL parking for guests at Fine Art Gallery

The road for me and many college students on their first day was detoured today at SCC and will continue through our opening. Lucy Gonzalez, the Gallery Curator arranged for Seminole Community College to have a designated parking area just for our opening on Sept 2 from 5 -7. You may park where you like but this is very helpful. Thank you Lucy!
Click the link above for a pdf file view of SCC map to see where to drive and park. G building is where the Fine Arts Gallery is located. The yellow highlight on the map leads guests from Lake Mary Blvd to parking 11 near the larger number T2. If you prefer you can still take Weldon Blvd from 17 -92 but you must turn left on to Main Rd. follow the curve around and stay on it as it turns into First Rd Then follow the maps yellow highlight, which takes you through the parking lot towards parking 11. There is Fine Arts listed on a sign too.
Foreshadowed by "Mini Detours" the piece above is now titled "Shimmery Detour" as a combined suggestion by a blogger comment. It is featured in the exhibit.


liza myers said...

Great color!I know that red sky.
Congrats on the show!

Bill Weaver said...

Thanks for visiting The Artists Center site! Your work is sucks me up into it and lets me feel it's soul. Yes you must create the world needs more!

C. Robin Janning said...

Wow, Robin!! I love this. The colors take my breath away! Pastels? Which brand do you favor?


Robin Maria Pedrero said...


I use several brands specifically for different purposes. I talk about them when I teach and demo. Sennelier, Unison,Nu Pastel, Rowney, Schminke, conte, I have many kinds...Nu pastels and Senneliers are a must for me.

Peggi Habets Studio said...

This is a gorgeous painting. Wonderful color and expression.