Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Art Beat a MEET UP reposted

I joined a Meet Up group called The Art Beat.

Robin and Christina (Group Leader) at COMMA

Artists Liz Watkins, Phyllis Thomas, Robin at
City Arts Factory Orlando in front of Liz's Guitar

Robin, Josh Garrick (Milennia Gallery), and
Tommy Cannalogna (Gallery 17 92)

Nancy, Robin and Anna

McCambridge outside of
The Gallery at Avalon Island

Guest, Robin and Drew White of Lot 1433

Brad Biggs, Robin, Jason Lee of Biggslee Productions

I have been a social butterfly lately between this group,
some lunch dates with artists and collectors, workshops, and the WOPI at the Milennia Gallery.

I had to delete and repost due to a spammer so I am back to approving all comments


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi robin!
oh how fun! you are so creative in your ways to meet new people and do fun things!
:) melissa

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

This is one of the positive fun aspects of living here in the center of the sunshine state