Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can I come out to play?

Moon on canvas and Clare on paper beckon me to play and due to a gap of time I have an enhanced critical view of each of my creations. Having a fresh eye is good yet moving back into the portraits I do not want to ruin the good there so I am a bit trepidatious. As I set up Clare on the easel last night I studied her without looking at any references. My studio space is rearranged. I played with the background and tried my new gloves. I am excited to use them, they fit and feel different. Now it is time to approach to easel and not be so serious. Stephen Hopson's post popped up in my inbox this morning in perfect timing as I read "Knock, Knock: "Can you come out to play?" The abstract piece above "Love Works:Satisfaction" is not my typical work but was created in playful experimentation for "Love Works" at the City Arts Factory in Orlando Florida. This and its companion piece bridged the use of more geometric forms and staying loose in my style. Deep breath. I am ready.

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Stephen Hopson said...

Hey Robin:

Thanks for the mention of my "Can You Come Out to Play" article.

Go and have fun today in your studio!

I love "perfect timing" messages. They're always divinely inspired, aren't they? You just never know where they'll come from. :)