Monday, September 22, 2008

Fiesta by Susan Monde in art collection

This colorful delight titled "Fiesta" is a piece I collected by artist Susan Monde. The basket shape is molded from resting in the hands of the artist. The weaving element of hand colored watercolor paper is produced by the artist. I confess making my choice from her selection by delighting the piece would not be art that matches my couch but would match my giraffe! The giraffe was purchased on one of our impromptu jaunts to St. Augustine. It was on the first day of driving off the lot with our new car. We bought him then slid his head into the car trunk through the little slider in the back seat all the way up between us on the dash board. Both items are here next to me, the basket on an end table and I look up at the giraffe as I punch the keys of my laptop. They make me smile.
Artist Susan B. Monde can be contacted at SMONDE at


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi robin!
oh these are wonderful! i love the colors adn the whimsy. they make me smile too!

Carlynne said...

Robin, love the basket AND the giraffe! They're perfect together.

Gigi said...

Wow, that is great. I like them, they are so colorful.