Saturday, September 27, 2008

From my nest to theirs

Yesterday I had the pleasure to hand deliver this pastel to it's new permanent home. I know it will be quite happy there. The couple encouraged me in my journey of the red sky and this palette. They own a portrait of their granddaughters by me. But it was the husband's first time to see the above piece in person. His decision had rested in his wife's desire and his view of it on my website from his computer. This morning I received my feed from The Artist Center and really like this post by Bill "How to Use Social Media". I commented as I am drawn through the post by the writing. I like the way he shows the progression of how the Internet has changed our business, reflecting back on my little project for the Art House. And tribes, who doesn't want to be part of a good tribe. A small part of my heritage is from a tribe in the Andes, but I am focusing on my modern tribe. I keep trying to come up with something to call my collectors. I have used the common Collectors Circle, but my mind plays with Fine Feathered Friends, but that doesn't quite work. I mentioned this idea to Brad Biggs of Biggslee Productions he said "Pedrero's Patrons". I'm not sure, I want to include my fan club too. Many people can't spell or say my last name correctly. I like the concepts that go with my name Robin, birds, nests, eggs, sky, I don't want to get too cutesy as I have many male art collectors too. It is so interesting to me how we, my fans and collectors have common bonds. I see it more and more as my list of collectors expands yet I am not quite sure how to put it into words. Bill? Someone? Wordsmiths?


Anonymous said...

What about Red Robins?


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan as you know. I was thinking birds of a feather, or Robin's Flock.


Bill Weaver said...

Think about what your collectors mean to you and the relationship you would like to have with them. As we have talked about social media and how it can be useful to artists it is not necessarily limited to the virtual world. Your collectors are important to you and you are important to them. If your aim is to build a community around your art then it might be important to think about how you could include them in conversations which by implication are not one-way. You collectors can be a real source of inspiration, and discovery if you engage them. So, words that imply "following" create more of an image the collectee being above the collectors which does not help to create community. Assuming our common goal is to increase the presence and understanding of art throughout the world placing yourself above those who collect your work will do little for that goal and much for continuing the current paradigm.

As you know I am a populist about art, I feel that everyone is an artist and the more who recognize that and encourage it the more those who are masters (like you) will be valued and appreciated.

Hope this helps.