Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Life's Spirit Flowing"

"Last night standing in the SCC Gallery amidst your artwork hanging with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson’s work I felt a power of life’s spirit flowing from your work of nature and her's of people and unique moments. The complementary nature of your visual expressions was outstanding as your differences interconnected. A special spirit of life is evident in the SCC art gallery. How delighted I am to have been present to have this experience." MaryElizabeth McIlvane

I was still bouncing around in the wee hours of the night after our opening last night. Mary Elizabeth's post on my facebook wall is one of the responses trickling in today via Internet and calls outpouring positive experiences from our opening reception last night at the SCC Fine Arts Gallery. I am filled with gratitude. Curator Lucy Gonzalez and her husband worked diligently through the weekend installing the exhibit, keeping the doors locked till 5 pm on Sept 2., even I had not seen through the doors yet. Guests arrived, the evening progressed and I still had not been through the whole exhibit an hour into the reception. It is always a surprise to see what a curator does even though it's my art work and the very familiar work of my friend Elizabeth. I am so pleased, Lucy made it perfect! I brought my cameras (video and digital) but there was no moment to spare last night and I am thankful Elizabeth had her professional photographer there for us and we will have images to share later. I appreciate our guests, many who braved the windy rainy weather, long distances and I -4 traffic at the worst hour. We were embraced by friends, the arts community, SCC staff and students, fans and our art collectors. I am pleased to be installing some of my artworks in their new owners' homes at the end of September. We were asked to present, do workshops, invited to new venues for future exhibits, and were commissioned to create works of art. I'd say it was a fabulous night!

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