Friday, September 05, 2008

"Longwood artists share friendship..."

Loraine covered our show for the SCC homepage and newsletter. She wrote a really nice article about us and the show. Good press is always appreciated! Thanks Loraine O'Connell
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Longwood artists share friendship, exhibit at SCC Fine Arts Gallery
(Sept. 4, 2008)
Longwood artists Robin Pedrero and Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson share New England roots, a love of vibrant color and an appreciation of each other's work. About a year ago, they participated in a joint showing of their art at an Orlando gallery.

But the pairing of Pedrero's pastel skyscapes and Nelson's richly hued Paper Paintings at Seminole Community College's Fine Arts Gallery was "serendipitous," Nelson says. The women applied separately to display their works, having no idea they'd end up sharing the gallery for an exhibit that runs through Sept. 25.

Painter Pedrero exhibits throughout the United States, and her
works are collected around the world. Pedrero began seriously studying the arts
when she was 13. Originally from Connecticut, she moved to Florida 19 years ago.

"I specialize in creating skyscapes," Pedrero says. "Florida has a
spectacular big sky, and the clouds are so close to you. In other parts of the
country, you get little pieces of the sky. Here you get a big piece of the sky."

Pedrero's work has won numerous awards and has been showcased in
the prestigious Juried International Association of Pastel Societies Exhibition,
as well as in magazines, newspapers and news broadcasts.

Nelson, who moved to Florida from Massachusetts 15 years ago, experimented with
different mediums before focusing on collages made from torn scraps of found,
handmade and hand-painted papers.

"I've done pastels and painted acrylics, but there are a whole lot of people who are a million times better than me," she says. "I wanted something that would set me apart."

An award-winning member of the National Collage Society, Nelson
creates works that are often mistaken for impressionistic paintings on first
glance; on closer inspection, viewers are pleasantly surprised to discover that
they are looking at torn-paper mosaics.

Pedrero and Nelson had long admired each other's work but didn't meet until about two years ago. They quickly discovered their mutual enthusiasm for marketing.

"We bounce ideas off each other and share ways to promote our art," says Nelson.
Both artists maintain blogs and have posted YouTube videos.

"We try to use technology to our advantage," Nelson says.

In a previous joint exhibit that was planned rather than serendipitous, Nelson says,
"we worked from the same reference photos," producing works in pastel and
collage. "It was really interesting to see two different versions of the same

The joint exhibit kicks off the 2008-09 season at the Fine Arts Gallery at SCC's Sanford/Lake Mary Campus. The gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and also during music and theater performances.

For more information on cultural events at SCC, please visit the Fine Arts Gallery Web Site or call 407.708.2040. All gallery exhibits are free and open to the public.

Photo: Lucinda Gonzalez (from left), SCC's Fine Arts Gallery curator, stands with Robin Pedrero and Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson during the gallery's opening reception on Tuesday, Sept. 2.
ALSO Doug Nelson created a cool mobile gallery of the exhibit. Perhaps you were there during the window of time while he was clicking away at the opening reception. If not take a peek anyhow as I have never had such gorgeous gallery photos. It pays to have a professional. Thanks so much Doug! check out all the photos! Courtesy of Doug Nelson Photography.


Krys Pettit said...

Congratulations -- it was a wonderful exhibit and your work is outstanding! I love the red in your sky (Robin's Red is how I think of it!).

Robin Maria Pedrero said...


Thank you! I LIKE "Robin's Red" that you coined, perhap if you think that then other viewers, curators and galleries might as well. Very interesting. Thank you for that perspective.