Sunday, September 14, 2008

Six pages of notes and a breath of fresh air at Marketing for the Visual Artist

The Marketing for the Visual Artist Seminar was at the News-Journal Center in Daytona Beach. The wind moving through the palms and the glistening water reminded me of how it has been way too long since I have been to the beach, funny from some one who lives in Florida! Thank you Barbara Perrotti, the chairman for this excellent seminar (she is also in my super cow video!). It was a pleasure as always to see Jennifer Coolidge in action. She never fails to impress me with her events. I recently visited the Museum of Florida Art in Deland where she is the Executive Director, for an exhibit of my friends Jack Thursby and Rima Jabbur, both who I actually met in Ocala Florida. Speaking of which it was so nice to see my friend Nancy Moskovitz who was the first presenter at the seminar. This link goes directly to the 10 art marketing resources list she shares on her new marketing blog. Jeff Shonkwiler of Florida Artist Registry continued with Internet marketing. Curator Josh Garrick from Milenia Fine Arts spoke about "Art is Not Your Most Important Product, You Are". He also discussed the video I made for him! That was exciting for me to hear him respond to how it touched his life and impacted his views about me and my art. We played it yet the natural sunlight kept it from being seen by many in the audience so here is a link to Josh's Video. "This One's for You Josh". I have four pages of invaluable information just from Josh. We broke for box lunches and table discussions with Sarah Higgins, Tim Ludwig, Jennifer Kerr Marsch, John Wilton, Jackie Schindehette and more... Kudos to all involved. And THANK YOU!


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Robin, you express the heart of the marketing seminar in your post. Thank you for making the art marketing resource list available to more artists and art advocates.

It was great to see you again. I still can't believe it's been 8 years. Lucky are those who are now around your wonderful self and all that positive energy you radiate.

Nancy Moskovitz said...

Ooops. I clicked too soon.

Thank you for the shout out! It's an incredible honor to be mentioned with such fine people.

The second link seems to have gone awry on my end. Please try

Anonymous said...

Oh Robin, You truly are a treasure...thank you so much for adding us to your blog...what a lovely tribute to our speakers to which I will add the names Blake Fincher and Laura Stewart.
Thanks also for adding my website. By the way, I was wondering what happened to the snapshot you took of me bringing in the cows at Comma :< )) I will treasure and save your note and I will remember your kindness and send this to others. Great photo of Josh... and what a great talk.. I hope they were able to get a good recording of it all.
You're the best, Sincerely, Barbara Perrotti, Chairman, Marketing for the Visual Artist,

Melissa and Emmitt said...

wow robin!
what a great seminar! i wish i could have come!
i loved your video you made for josh.
:) melissa

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thanks, Barbara and Nancy I am so glad you provided more information.

Melissa, I am glad you loved the video. I am such a novice, I wish it was better so your compliments means a lot to me. Yes you would have enjoyed the event but also with all of your marketing skills you would have been as asset as well.

Linda Blondheim said...

I enjoyed reading about the seminar.