Tuesday, September 09, 2008

SPOTLIGHT on Diana Moses Botkin: Part 1

Robin:Your passion for life and art are obvious in your work and also expressed in the title of your website "Art for Life"

Diana:My slogan is actually "Art for a Lifetime", but "Art for Life" is good too! "Choose Life" is another good one. When I was thinking about a slogan years ago to put on my website and business cards, I wanted to get across the idea that art is more enduring than many things people buy in our throw-away culture. Families spend thousands to go to Disneyland, (and I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that). I also see folks buying big ticket items for luxuries that aren't going to last very long. Even the cost for two people eating out at a fancy restaurant these days can set them back a day's wages or more, especially if they drive very far. In contrast, collectors can purchase one of my paintings with equivalent money and enjoy it for decades... even a lifetime... and then pass it on to their children.
Robin: How does being an artist and creating art make you feel?
Diana: Well sometimes it makes me feel wonderful and other times it makes me feel tired, or frustrated or even angry. I work hard almost every day on different aspects of my art (painting, paperwork, blogging, marketing,etc.). I've learned to take disappointments in stride, although there are days when the business side of art or a show rejection can be discouraging. And some days are better than others for getting positive feedback. It's wonderful to hear from people who are enjoying my work. One of my collectors happily told me recently how much he loves a little landscape of mine he bought a few months ago. He said he sees it every day across the room with his other art and it draws him in for a closer look. Spending time with the painting up close blesses him again and again. And I've seen purchasers first hand who've been moved to tears by one of my Christian or family pieces. It's very affirming to see such strong connections with my work. Times like that, it feels wonderful to be an artist! I think artists, like stage performers, need the viewer to make the process complete. It's a bit like a comedian playing to himself in the mirror; it's good for practice, but to get a response he has to have an audience.

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