Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Awards in Odd Places

I am grinning about this colorful award. Thanks to odd chick in "Passions of an odd chick". I like her recent art posted about wearing our brains on the outside. I regularly share links to my favorite bloggers and will continue to do so in recognizing their thoughts, art and accomplishments. Speaking of which many of us are jumping into the same boat. Lisa Call posted "Shaking Self Doubt" and Robert Genn in his twice weekly newsletter "Art in Hard Times" responded to artists' wavering thoughts. I responded to Lisa saying
I have been in a similar place for a few days. Sometimes I wonder why these
negative thoughts pop up. I sense the economic and political status of America
is a factor for some of us. I too have entertained thoughts of a "day job"
again. A piece of art is going through a rough stage and I play tug of war with
what does it matter anyhow. Art does matter. Especially in these economic times.
In addition to how we feel creating it, when others see it they are effected.
People may be staying in a little more using less gas to get around. Art in ones
home and surroundings is powerful as it enlightens, heals, alters mood, speaks
of beauty, plays with patterns and gives joy. Perseverance is a key for us as
artists in these times.
Today I will pick up framed pieces for the "Love Works" exhibit which opens October 16 at the City Arts Factory in Orlando Florida. I will approach the problems in the piece on the tobacco paper, and hopefully find some Sennelier Red in central Florida. I continue to receive entries for my ART GIVE AWAY and print them out to place in the drawing. My to do list is getting longer as I hit the keys and step out of the boat, finding awards in odd places.


Helen Harris said...

Hi Robin,
I read Robert Genn's letter today also,then posted on twitter a request for all to read it too. This economic situation has many of us warding off doubts. Now is the time to communicate with each other and be a supportive community ,sharing ideas.
I just sent out a postcard featuring a new painting and an invitation to view my web site. Now is a great time to use your mailing list,reminding customers that you continue to paint. People have not stopped spending dollars but they are being more selective.We must be ready when the cycle turns again.

Gigi said...

I have found that the economic situation is keeping me in more on Saturdays and vacation days off. So I have been concentrating more on my arts and crafts, staying in and working on projects and getting ready for when the cycle turns upward again I will be ready to sell some of my crafts at local flea markets.
For one thing this situation is bringing us back to a simpler way of life.