Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Canvas Project "INTERACT" Social Network Medias

The Canvas Project popped up in my inbox serendipitously at the same time as the Full Circle happened in July. The tiny package with the big concept is completed and ready to ship to The Art House. With a plethora of social networking opportunities at our fingertips, flowing from keyboards on desktops, laptops, and phones, our connectivity increases. Disputes of leading to isolation for some individuals might be relevant for a minority,who may have otherwise been completely reclusive, while I believe the majority build on relationships which initiate more activities away from their keyboards.

The work reads right to left; My blog, see the pocketful of colors, keys I and N, next a torn corner from an envelope gifted with notecards by Peggi Habets, with keys T and E, then Bell Rock of Sedona Arizona surrounded by mosaic tile to represent Manon Doyle, next representing Melissa and Emitt are two friendly pups and the key R, finally three keys ACT, the last letters of INTERACT, with joyous, empowered even flying people. These were TINY, 3" x 3" to paint in oil, which led to doing a little mixed media by using ink pens at the end.

The Canvas Project opens in Atlanta GA on Decemebr 12th. The show will be held at
Art House Gallery
309 Peters St. Atlanta, Ga 30313[map]
Art House Gallery

I use several sources that develop communication for business, emerging artists, publications, PR, education, marketing, sales, jurors, collectors, and galleries such as Linked In, Plaxo, My Space, Twitter, Meet UPs, art groups and you know my secrets are here on my blog~ http://pocketfullofcolors.blogspot.com/
My Art, Exhibits, Bio ~ http://www.gallery523.com/
Art for sale on Etsy ~ http://robinmariapedrero.etsy.com/, Etsy has a whole community and I am on the VAST team which initiates closer working relationships. The You Tube community is huge, where you can see my Art & Events Videos ~ http://www.youtube.com/rmpastel, and Lulu where I publish on demand my Catalog Book ~ http://stores.lulu.com/robinmariapedrero and my newer favorite
Let's be friends on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=634085269&ref=name

I am working on a new shop which expands my circle. Coming soon!

What are your favorite social networking medias? How has your participation impacted your life?


Manon Doyle said...

Very cool Robin! I'm honored that you thought of me in this project!
I'm impressed with all the sources you use ..... it inspires me to start expanding mine!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi robin!
oh i am honored to be mentioned in your post and part of your project! wow~
i think social networking sites are wonderful. how else would i get to meet wonderful people like you?
i think i have accounts on all the ones you mentioned and another couple tha ti really like are
where you make lists and people can comment on them and you on theirs and http://www.kiva.org where not only can you connect with others on so many levels, you can also empower someone in another part of the world to build their business and live their dreams!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thanks Melissa I am headed to your links right now! Then to ship your ART GIVE AWAY winning.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Robin I have picked you and your blog as one of the 7 I like to follow listed on my blog. I am especially proud to know you and have met you in person.
You typify the inspirational quote at the bottom of my post! Have a good day!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...


You are so kind. Thank you. It has been such a pleasue to know you as well. You put in hours in our community for artists and your heart's committments. You are a blessing.

mariella fasson said...

wonderful project